Wednesday, September 28, 2016


My computer has computed that I saved more than 3,800 photos from the 2015 NFL regular season. Rather than have all those photos continuing to sit idly, I always had planned to include some of them in several dread galleries. I also had planned to finish those dread galleries before the 2016 season began. But, as usual, time doesn't wait for me; so, just like nearly everything else I do in this blog, I'll be doing these DGs much later than I hoped.Each one of the six dread galleries has its own theme, and the theme of the first one is "Sacks, Picks, and Sixes". I already have done a post devoted entirely to some of the house calls made by players with dreads during 2015. Here in DG161 we'll look at a few more of the touchdowns, along with some of the sacks and interceptions well done by the NFL's players with dreads last season. (FYI: So that I can finish these DGs before the 2017 season begins, I won't be bothering to try to figure out the game situations for many of the photos.)

1. It did not take long for rookie CB Ronald Darby to get the 1st INT of his career. On the 4th play of the Colts' 3rd possession of the season opener late in 1st quarter Darby, the Bills' 2nd round draft pick, picks off an underthrown deep pass intended for WR T.Y. Hilton and returns it 27 yards. The Bills cashed in the turnover with a TD 5 plays later for their first points of the season, sending them on their way to a 27-14 home victory. Darby's INT was the first of 73 interceptions by players with dreads during the regular season.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Repeat After Me

There were moments of brilliance - specifically 2009, when it correctly predicted the New Orleans Saints, a team that had won only 2 playoff games in its entire franchise history to that point, would win their first Super Bowl; and again in 2012, when it correctly picked both the winner and loser of the Super Bowl (Ravens, 49ers). But those moments have been too few and far between. For the most part the annual forecasts by my crystal ball (CB) have been just a bit off the mark to say the least. Yes, I know, predicting the NFL isn't exactly easy. But that's why I have been so lenient with CB over the years, hoping it would get its act together more consistently. But after grading out at D+ for 2015 and averaging a C- for 8 years worth of forecasts (with no grade higher than the B- it earned in 2009), CB has come to the end of the line. I mean, if you had a 1.67 GPA after 8 years of college, would you be satisfied? Well, I ain't either; so it's out with the old .....

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Broncos Busters

Three years ago when my crystal ball (CB) predicted the Denver Broncos would win Super Bowl 48, I mentioned that their QB, Peyton Manning, wasn't about to retire having won fewer Super Bowl rings than his younger brother, N.Y. Giants QB Eli Manning. Having now evened the score with Eli (two years later than expected) at 2 rings apiece following the Broncos' 24-10 win over the Carolina Panthers 7 months ago in Super Bowl 50, Peyton can retire in peace. And he can send a great big thank you note to the Broncos' defense, because it was only because of them that he was able to go out on top. I mean (and I know this sounds blasphemous, considering how great a career Peyton has had) it was almost as if the Broncos won the championship in spite of him. I say almost because the Broncos' offense wasn't totally inept; more often than not they got done what needed to get done - barely. But for the most part that offense - led by Manning in 12 of their 19 games - almost messed it up for one of the best defenses in NFL history.