Saturday, May 9, 2015

2014 College Football Dread All-America (Part 1)

Sorry to have kept you waiting for so long, but here finally is my list of the players who were on the field during the 2014 season with dreads you couldn't help but notice - dreads you didn't need your binoculars to see no matter how far away from the field your seat was. Choosing this season's dread all-Americans was harder than ever, as there continues to be a multitude of players with sick dreads in uniform on Saturdays. Indeed even as long as it has taken me to finish this, I still have not gone through the entire rosters of all the teams in Division 1; so there might be a player or two omitted from the team simply because I never saw him. If I did miss somebody who you think I should have mentioned but didn't, please leave a comment so that we all will know about him.

In Part 1 we'll take a look at the best dreads on (the more familiar) teams in the FBS, while Part 2 will focus mostly on the FCS. Of the 48 players on last year's (2013) FBS squad, 26 were seniors (including 7 who would make it to the NFL), three (Rannell Hall, Jazz King, and Ferrington Macon) cut off their dreads, one (Cassius McDowell) transferred to a Division 2 school, and 7 others simply didn't make the the team this year. That means there are 37 roster spots filled by players who weren't on the team last year, and I am thrilled to announce that one of them was filled by Colorado WR D.D. Goodson (photo above), who makes his first appearance on the team.
An honorable mention choice in 2011 and 2012, Goodson should have made his first appearance last season but didn't because he kept his dreads reduced all year. But he had them fully flowing in 2014, and that only added to an already overcrowded field of sick wide receivers trying to make the team. In addition to the five WRs I included on the team there were at least a dozen more with dreads worthy of inclusion that had to settle for honorable mention.

As always the selections are strictly my opinion, which is based on the games and/or any photos I have seen of the players. Sometimes those photos and TV shots don't give you the whole picture; so maybe if I had gotten a better look a couple of the selections would be different. But from what I've seen, these are the dreads I like the best. FYI: the (1, 2, HM, or SL) in parenthesis next to a player's name indicates whether he made 1st or 2nd team, honorable mention, or the all-dread sideline team last year.


  • OL Quinterrius Eatmon (1) - South Florida - SR
  • OL Reshod Fortenberry (2) - Texas Tech - SR
  • OL Ramsey Meyers - Kentucky - FR
  • OL Terry Poole - San Diego State - SR
  • OL Tyrus Thompson (2) - Oklahoma - SR
  • WR Kyle Dockins (2) - Virginia - SOPH
  • WR D.D. Goodson - Colorado - SR
  • WR William Woods (HM) - Kent State - SOPH
  • RB Khris Francis (2) - North Carolina - SOPH
  • RB Devine Redding - Indiana - FR
  • QB Devin Powell (1) - Tulane - SOPH
  • KR Cam Boyd (HM) - ODU - SR

William Woods clinched his spot in the starting lineup the moment I saw this photo. Even though this 3-yard reception against Ohio State in Week 3 were his only yards gained all season, he played in a total of 4 games, and that was enough to put him on the team (and not the all-dread sideline list).

D.D. Goodson had the most productive season of his career in 2014, finishing with 38 catches for 382 yards and 2 TD, one of which was a 30-yarder (left photo above) against Washington on Nov. 1. Sadly this likely will be the last we'll see of these dreads. Goodson, listed at 5-foot-6, 175 pounds, is not an NFL prospect.

Kyle Dockins' 1st reception of the season ends in disaster (left photo above) in Virginia's season opener on Aug. 30. With UVA trailing UCLA 7-3 late in 2nd quarter, Dockins made the catch on 3rd and 4 and picked up enough yards to get the 1st down but was tackled and stripped of the ball by LB Eric Kendricks at the UCLA 25-yard line. Worse yet, S Randal Goforth scooped up the ball and took it 75 yards to the house, upping the Bruins' lead to 14-3 on the way to a 28-20 victory. Dockins had only 4 more receptions on the season, including one for a TD. But no WR had better dreads than his. 

Congratulations to Quinterrius Eatmon (left photo above), who makes the team in all 4 of his seasons at South Florida, including the last two on the 1st team. Terry Poole (above right), the only player from the MWC on the 1st team, is going to have to block better than this if he expects to be playing on Sundays next season.

Representing the Big 12 on the 1st team are a pair of 71s - Oklahoma's Tyrus Thompson (above left) and Texas Tech's Reshod Fortenberry (above right, congratulating WR Bradley Marquez on his TD catch at Oklahoma State in Week 5). Look for Thompson's dreads in an NFL stadium near you next season, but probably not Fortenberry's.

The only 1st team O-lineman who is not is senior is Kentucky freshman Ramsey Meyers (above), making the first of what has a good chance to be several appearances on the team.

The starting RBs are a freshman and a sophomore, and with dreads like these, it will be very difficult for anyone else to beat them out for a spot in the starting lineup the next two seasons. Sophomore Khris Francis (on left) played in all 10 games for North Carolina (but had only 12 carries) before seriously injuring his knee the same day in November that Todd Gurley did. Indiana freshman Devine Redding makes his debut in in Indiana uniform (above right) in the season opener against Indiana State and picks up some of his season high 49 yards (on 10 carries) (below) in a 31-27 win at Missouri in Week 4. With Tevin Coleman moving on to the NFL, Redding could be in line for a lot more than the 29 carries he had in 2014.


Of all the FBS players who regularly returned kickoffs, ODU senior Cam Boyd (on right) had the best dreads - although he wasn't very successful on his returns (17.7 average on 27 returns). Boyd fared better as a reserve RB, rushing for 174 yards (5.6 average) and 3 TD.


Tulane QB Devin Powell might become the first player to make this team five times. This is already his 3rd appearance, after making the 3rd team as a freshman in 2012 and the 1st team as a redshirt freshman in 2013.

  • DL Sheldon Day - Notre Dame - JR
  • DL Abu Lamin - South Carolina - SOPH
  • DL Demetri McGill - East Carolina - SOPH
  • DL Anthony Rice (1) - Idaho - SR
  • LB Stephan Martin (1) - Ball State - SR
  • LB Terran Williams - Western Kentucky - SR
  • LB Ramik Wilson (1) - Georgia - SR
  • CB Parry Nickerson (SL) - Tulane - FR
  • CB Trae Waynes - Michigan State - JR
  • S Floyd Raven (HM) - Texas A&M - SR
  • S Trevon Stewart (HM) - Houston - JR
  • PR Tray Butler (2) - Georgia Southern - SR 

Sophomore Abu Lamin made only 8 tackles this season, but he sure looked good doing it. Hopefully he'll be on the field more often for the Gamecocks in 2015.

These dreads are on their way to the NFL .... but not quite just yet. Sheldon Day, a 2nd team selection on my all-America with dreads team, decided to forgo the draft and return to Notre Dame for his senior season.


Derrell Johnson may have left following the 2013 season, but there still were sick dreads in jersey #56 for East Carolina this season - even longer than Johnson's in fact. DT Demetri McGill changed from #96 to #56 and had 7 tackles in a reserve role for the Pirates. The same as with Abu Lamin, McGill figures to be on the field much more often next season.


It's only fitting that we have photos of Ramik Wilson making tackles because he topped the 100-tackle mark during his final two seasons for Georgia. A repeat 1st team selection, Wilson will now try to make the all-Pro dreads team next season.

Terran Williams gets up close while congratulating S Branden Leston (right photo) on one of his 3 INT in Western Kentucky's 67-66 upset of Marshall in Week 14. Williams is one of 6 players from CUSA on the team, which ties for second most of the 10 FBS conferences.

Last year there were two members of the 1st team D that I could not find photos of; and sad to say I once again couldn't get any good shots of Idaho DE Anthony Rice or Ball State LB Stephan Martin this year. But I did at least find this picture of Ball State preparing to take the field for their Week 2 game at Iowa in which you get a hint of how awesome Martin's dreads are.

I have doubts that Trae Waynes' dreads are entirely his own hair; but if they aren't, I'm not holding it against him. Waynes joins Tyrus Thompson as the only players who are starters on both of my all-America teams.

The AAC is the conference with the most starters on the team - five; and two of those play for Tulane. Joining Devin Powell on the 1st team is outstanding freshman Parry Nickerson, who was a 3rd team selection on my all-America with dreads team. Nickerson had his hands on the ball often in 2014, tying for the lead for the most interceptions by anyone with dreads (he had 6).

In the past I have kept Floyd Raven off the team because I didn't think he had enough locks. But enough of that nonsense - no safety has better dreads than Raven.

I also can no longer keep Trevon Stewart off the team either. Stewart makes his first appearance and edges out Aaron Taylor for a spot on the 1st team.


Sick dreads surprisingly were not in abundance among FBS punt returners this season; so I'm settling for Tray Butler on the 1st team even though it seems like his dreads got shorter since last season.

  • OL Justin Bell (1) - Mississippi - JR
  • OL A.J. Cann - South Carolina - SR
  • OL Ian Gray - Rice - SR
  • OL Chris Hawkins - Troy - SR
  • OL Ryan Johnson - Massachusetts - JR
  • TE De'Marieya Nelson (HM) - Arizona State - SR
  • WR Marcus Leak - Maryland - JR
  • WR Antonio Messick - Georgia Tech - FR
  • RB Matt Jones - Florida - JR
  • RB Ashton Shumpert - Mississippi State - SOPH
  • QB Brandon Cox - Utah
  • KR Marcus Johnson - Texas - JR

I did not consider Matt Jones for last year's team because he kept his dreads reduced most (if not all of) the time. So it was a pleasant surprise to see them unleashed completely this season. After rushing for a career high 817 yards in 2014, Jones has decided to take his talents to the next level instead of returning to Florida for his senior season.

11 of the 48 players on the team played for SEC teams - by far the most of any conference - including both RBs on the 2nd team. Joining Matt Jones is Mississippi State sophomore Ashton Shumpert. After carrying the ball 46 times as a freshman and 47 this season, Ashton is hoping (and so am I) they let him carry it more than 48 times next season.

Seniors A.J. Cann (right photo) and Ian Gray (on left) make their first appearances on the team. We very likely will be able to see Cann's dreads again next season (on Sundays!) but probably not Gray's.


Four of the five 2nd team O-linemen are new to the team this year, including Ryan Johnson of UMass (above), one of 4 MAC players on the team, and Chris Hawkins of Troy (below), one of 4 SBC players to make the team. In this photo Hawkins is playing on special teams, failing (along with the rest of his teammates) to prevent Georgia's Isaiah McKenzie from taking a punt return to the house in Week 4.

Justin Bell should have been a sure thing for his 3rd straight appearance in the starting lineup; but unfortunately for the first time this season Bell began reducing his dreads (left photo, from Week 2). For about half the season he was on the field with reduced dreads, and for the other half he had two bands around his dreads (right photo, from Week 11). And because of that I couldn't with a clear conscience keep him on the 1st team.

Antonio Messick, one of 3 ACC players on the team, scores a 16-yard TD on his only catch of the season (on left), giving Georgia Tech a 56-16 lead over North Carolina State in Week 11. Marcus Leak, one of 4 Big 10 players on the team, makes his 3rd and final TD catch of the season (on right) against Syracuse in Week 4 and runs after the catch (below) against Indiana in Week 5. Leak finished the season with 20 catches for 297 yards.
I only have 2 WRs on the 2nd team because there was a TE whose dreads deserve to be on the team. Arizona State senior De'Marieya Nelson waited until the 4th quarter of the final game of the regular season to score his 1st TD of the season - on this 9-yard reception against Arizona.

Marcus Johnson (left) averaged just 19.1 yards on his 10 kickoff returns this season but did have the Longhorns' longest return of the season - a 33-yarder vs. BYU in Week 2. Redshirt freshman Brandon Cox (on right) appeared in only one game, going 3 for 3 for 17 yards in the opener against Idaho State. Looking at the Utah roster, it seems likely Cox will be mostly on the bench again next season before finally getting a chance to play in 2016. 

  • DL LaRyan King - Colorado State - SR
  • DL Patrick McNeil (HM) - MTSU - JR
  • DL Denzell Perine - FIU - JR
  • DL Taylor Stallworth - South Carolina - FR
  • LB De'Vondre Campbell (HM) - Minnesota - JR
  • LB Sharrod Golightly (HM) - South Carolina - SR
  • LB Devan Stringer - Appalachian State - FR
  • CB Andre' Brown - UTSA - SR
  • CB Jalen Collins (HM) - LSU - JR
  • S Jamie Byrd - South Florida - JR
  • S Aaron Taylor (1) - Ball State - SOPH
  • PR Jarvis West (HM) - Iowa State - SR 

After honorable mentions in 2011 and 2013, Jarvis West finally gets on the team for the first time. West had 8 TD in his career for Iowa State, including an 82-yard punt return to the house this season.


The South Carolina Gamecocks have the most players on the team - four - including Sharrod Golightly, who finally gets on the team after back-to-back honorable mentions.


De'Vondre Campbell (left), an honorable mention for this year's all-America with dreads team, makes his first appearance as a dread all-American. This tackle against Iowa in Week 12 was one of 75 he had in 2014. True freshman Devan Stringer (right) celebrates his FR against Campbell in Week 2. Stringer is one of 6 freshmen who made the team.

Two 2nd team D-linemen in action from Week 13. LaRyan King (on right), the only player from the MWC on the 2nd team, arrives too late to credit for a half TFL as teammate SteveO Michel drops New Mexico RB Jhurell Pressley for a 1-yard loss. King had 41 tackles as a senior for Colorado State. Freshman Taylor Stallworth (left) helps tackle South Alabama RB Kendall Houston. Identical to 1st team D-lineman Abu Lamin, Stallworth had 8 tackles (4-4) this season. 

Patrick McNeil is unsuccessful in preventing touchdowns by QB Rakeem Cato (left) and RB Devon Johnson (right) in MTSU's 49-24 loss to Marshall in Week 7. McNeil made honorable all-CUSA this season (despite finishing with only 15 tackles), so hopefully at this time next year we'll be talking about him being drafted into the NFL. The other player with sick dreads in the photo on right is senior LB Christian Henry, who came close to making the team but has to settle for HM.

Another HM all-CUSA selection, Denzell Perine was 2nd on FIU in TFL (9.5) and sacks (6.5).

Aaron Taylor is the only player on the 2nd team who made the 1st team last year. The demotion is not punitive - there's nothing wrong with his dreads. I just thought Floyd Raven's and Trevon Stewart's dreads were better. Hopefully Taylor can move back into the starting lineup next season.

More than just another safety with sick dreads, Jamie Byrd was South Florida's defensive MVP in his first season after transferring from junior college. He led the Bulls (by far) with 95 tackles and had 2 of their 6 interceptions.

I had Andre' Brown on my list of players with sick dreads before the season began; but I didn't realize how truly great they are until I photos of him playing against Oklahoma State in Week 3. Unfortunately we're not going to see these dreads on Sundays. Brown, who played in 8 games in a reserve role in his senior season - finishing with 6 tackles - is not an NFL prospect.

With dreads like these, you'd think that Jalen Collins - alongside fellow CB Tre'Davious White at LSU's media day on Aug. 10 in photo above, would be an easy choice for the 1st team. But just like last year, when I had Collins on the HM list, I'm not putting him in the starting lineup because most of the time he kept his dreads folded as well as banded (left photo below, from Week 11). I don't know what purpose this served, other than maybe making sure the NFL scouts could see the number on his jersey. At least for a couple of games at the end of the season Jalen finally unleashed his dreads (right photo below, making his only INT of the season vs. Texas A&M in Week 14); hopefully that's the way he'll have them on Sundays next season.



With only 48 players on the team, obviously I can't include everybody with excellent dreads. These are the players who would have been under consideration if I had picked a larger team.

OL Michael Lasker - Syracuse - JR 
OL Marquis Lucas (2) - West Virginia - JR
TE Deon Butler - Central Michigan - SR
TE Nicholas Parker - Mississippi - SR
WR Martize Barr (HM) - Illinois - SR
WR Jarvis Bentley - Troy - JR
WR Ronald Butler (photo below) - Utah State - SR
WR Christian Collis - MTSU - JR
WR Eric Dungy - South Florida - SR
WR Manasseh Garner - Pittsburgh - SR
WR Jared Haggins (SL) - Florida State - SR
WR Keon Hatcher - Arkansas - JR
WR Carlton Heard - South Carolina - JR
WR Darius Joseph (HM) - SMU - JR
WR Malcolm Lewis (HM) - Miami (Florida) -SOPH
WR Ronald Lewis (SL) - Arizona State - FR
WR Bradley Marquez (HM) (photo below) - Texas Tech - SR
WR J.D. McKissic (2) - Arkansas State - JR
WR Von Pearson - Tennessee - JR
WR Breshad Perriman - UCF - JR
WR Dionte Taylor - Illinois - SOPH
WR Kevin White (2) - West Virginia - SR
WR Tyler Williams - Akron - SR
FB Kenneth Goins (HM) (photo below) - Maryland - SOPH
RB Alex Collins (HM) - Arkansas - SOPH
RB Dee Hart - Colorado State - JR
RB Kendall Houston (HM) - South Alabama - SR
RB Fabian Johnson - Western Michigan - SOPH
RB Tim Longmire - Troy - FR
RB Kennedy Williams - Utah State - SOPH
RB Marshawn Williams ( left photo below) - Virginia Tech - FR

KR Kenzel Doe (right photo above) - Wisconsin - SR
DL Bryon Bennett - Mississippi - SR
DL Jacoby Briscoe - Louisiana-Lafayette - SOPH
DL Fadol Brown (SL) - Mississippi - JR
DL Todd Chandler - South Florida - SR
DL Chaz Cheeks - Georgia Tech - JR
DL Markus Golden (HM) - Missouri - SR
DL Khaynin Mosley-Smith - Pittsburgh - JR
DL Terrell Reid (HM) (photo above) - ODU - SOPH
DL Darryl Render - Pittsburgh - JR
DL Bryan Shorter - Western Kentucky - JR
DL Roderick Stephens - Louisiana-Lafayette - FR
DL Donte Wilkins (HM) - Virginia - SOPH
DL Ricardo Williams - Marshall - JR
DL Anthony Winbush (photo below) - Ball State - FR
LB Zeke Edmonds - Massachusetts - FR
LB Josh Forrest - Kentucky - JR
LB Khalid Henderson - Kentucky - JR
LB Christian Henry (HM) - MTSU - SR
LB Andre Ross - Texas Tech - JR
LB T.J. Simmons - Indiana - SOPH
LB Josh Williams - Arkansas - SOPH
LB DeJazz Woods (2) - Illinois - SR
CB Aaron Brown (photo above) - Cincinnati - FR
CB Ronald Darby - Florida State - JR
CB Travell Dixon - Washington - SR
CB Kennar Daniels-Johnson (SL) - Georgia - JR
CB Terell Floyd (HM) - Louisville - SR
CB Terrance Floyd (HM) - Wisconsin - JR
CB Jahmere Irvin-Sills - Mississippi State - FR
CB Leverick Johnson (photo below) - Western Kentucky - FR
CB Ferrando Joseph - Louisiana-Monroe - FR
CB Cortney Lester - Buffalo - SR
CB Lafayette Pitts (HM) - Pittsburgh - JR
CB Johnny Ward - South Florida - SOPH
S Dallas Crawford (HM) (left photo below) - Miami (Florida) - JR

S Nantambu-Akil Fentress (right photo above) - Miami (Florida) - SR
S Marcell Harris (SL) - Florida - FR
S Tre' Hunter - Louisiana-Monroe - SOPH
S A.J. Jordan - Wisconsin - SR
S Demarkus Perkins - FIU - SR
S Tevin Shaw - Kansas - SOPH
S Deion Stanley - Georgia Southern - SR
S Derrick Wells (photo above) - Minnesota -SR
S Dayron Wilson - West Virginia - JR
S Dravious Wright - North Carolina State - SOPH

Next men up ...... If I had done three teams instead of two, the WRs on that 3rd team would have been Miami sophomore Malcolm Lewis, shown making his only TD catch of the season (on left) against Nebraska in Week 4 and celebrating with RB Joe Yearby (on right) after Yearby scored his 1st career TD against Duke in Week 5 .....

..... SMU junior Darius Joseph, who led the Mustangs with 54 receptions this season (although he gained only 379 yards on all those receptions) .....

..... and Troy junior Jarvis Bentley, who made 9 receptions in a reserve role in his first season with the Trojans after transferring from junior college.

Of the 9 (at least) defensive players with dreads on the Kentucky roster in 2014 the sickest dreads were on the heads of LBs Josh Forrest (on right), who made my all-America with dreads team, and Khalid Henderson (on left), who had 53 tackles this season.

Three players on the HM list just got drafted into the NFL, so on Sundays this fall look for the sick dreads of West Virginia WR Kevin White, shown on right making one of his 8 catches against Baylor in Week 8 and one of the 109 he had on the season ......

..... CB Ronald Darby, who had 2 career INT for Florida State (but none in 2014) .....

..... and DE Markus Golden, here celebrating a sack in Missouri's season opening win over South Dakota State, one of 8.5 sacks he had as a senior.

Dayron Wilson and teammates celebrate after a 55-yard FG on the final play of the game gave West Virginia a 37-34 win at Texas Tech in Week 7. Wilson played almost exclusively on special teams this season, finishing with 8 tackles.

Another player who played mostly on special teams this season was Florida State WR Jarred Haggins, shown here being tackled after his only reception of the season in Week 6. If you saw any of the highlights of QB Jameis Winston at FSU's pro day, Haggins was the player with dreads you may have noticed catching a lot of the passes. I don't think Jarred will be catching any passes on Sundays in the future, but hopefully he'll prove me wrong.

There are 15 players on the HM list from ACC teams (tied with the SEC for the most), including Pittsburgh Panthers Darryl Render (on left) and Lafayette Pitts (on right). Pitts made the HM list last year as a kickoff returner and would have been the starting KR this year. But after being Pitt's first choice KR in his first two season, for some reason he didn't return any kickoffs at all in 2014.

Watching Dravious Wright on a few occasions during the season, I thought there would be a spot on the team for these dreads; but unfortunately he just barely missed. Shown here tackling Syracuse RB Prince-Tyson Gulley in Week 10, Wright had 57 tackles in his first season in N.C. State's starting lineup.

I definitely wanted to put Ricardo Williams (above) on the team. But as much as I like his dreads, I couldn't with a clear conscience rank them above any of the 8 D-linemen who made the team.Williams had 17 tackles and 3 TFL in his first season for Marshall after transferring from Miami. ..... DeJazz Woods (below) made the team last year, but playing with three bands around his dreads all season kind of ruined his chance to repeat.

Another transfer from the U, Jacoby Briscoe might find his way onto the team next year with dreads like these. After redshirting in 2012 and sitting out 2013 due to the transfer, Briscoe played 12 games (5 starts) at DE and finished with 19 tackles, including 2.5 TFL, in his first season with the Ragin' Cajuns.


I thought Kendall Houston was a senior last year, but apparently the NCAA didn't count South Alabama's 2010 season as an official season. So Jaguars fans got the opportunity to see Houston's dreads on the field for 5 seasons instead of four. Kendall's 705 yards rushing in 2014 were his most since that 2010 season, when he had 891.


Demarkus Perkins (left) led FIU with 67 tackles and had 2 INT in his senior season. But Eric Dungy (right) didn't enjoy the same success in his senior year. After transferring from Oregon to South Florida, Dungy appeared in only 6 games for the Bulls and had only 1 reception. Behind Dungy heading out to practice on Aug. 7 is #25, Clinton Jones, who played even less than Dungy and was relegated to my all-dread sideline team. Unfortunately this shot (which is kind of out of focus a bit) only gives you a tease of how awesome Jones' dreads are.

More honorable seniors ..... Cortney Lester (above) and A.J. Jordan (below). Lester just might find himself in an NFL training camp this summer after finishing his career at Buffalo with 9 INT and 26 PBU. ..... Jordan, who had his hair in long braids when he first came to Wisconsin, might have converted to dreads before this season. But this season was the first time I was fully convinced he actually had dreads. A.J. makes his biggest play for the Badgers (on right), a momentum-building blocked punt during 1st quarter against Rutgers in Week 10, but was distraught (like a lot of UW fans were) as he walks off with TE Austin Traylor (on left) at the end of a 59-0 whipping at the hands Ohio State in the Big 10 championship game in Week 15. 


Marcell Harris, a HS all-American, has seen his career at Florida get off to a slow start. After redshirting last year, he played mostly on special teams this season, finishing with 7 tackles. Here he celebrates a tackle on special teams in the Gators' upset win over Georgia in Week 10. Hopefully we'll see these dreads on the field much more often starting next season.


Alex Collins (above), on the HM list for the 2nd year in a row, wanted to play this season with his dreads completely unleashed, and I admire him for that; but after getting yanked down (below left) a couple of times against Texas A&M in Week 5, he decided he better not and kept his dreads bunched together one way or another for the rest of the season, including in Week 12 (below right) as he is congratulated following his TD against LSU.


J.D. McKissic made the team as a punt returner last year but didn't quite return enough kickoffs or punts to qualify as a return man this season; so he has to settle for HM as a WR. With his 52 catches this season, J.D. now his 237 in his first 3 seasons for Arkansas State for a total of 2,313 yards and 9 TD.

We are at the halfway point of presenting the 2014 dread all-America team. Please go to part 2 for the best dreads in the FCS.


  1. Who else on the Washington football team has dreads? If you google shaq thompson you can see him sitting next to another guy with dreads.

  2. I'm going to have to throw a penalty flag on you on this one for not being able to find the answer to your question yourself.
    One of the names listed in the honorable mention section of THIS post is Washington CB Travell Dixon. Very likely Dixon is the one next to Thompson in that photo from the Huskies' game at Arizona on Nov. 15.

    If you go to this link ..... ..... and then scroll down the menu and click on the NCAA FOOTBALL link, they have hundreds and hundreds of pictures from Washington football games. The Washington vs Georgia State gallery has a couple of photos of Dixon (and probably some of the other galleries do too).