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2013 College Football Dread All-America

Not only in the house of dread do we honor the players with dreads who are great players, we also honor those who have great dreads. My last post was a list of (mostly) star players with dreads. This one is all about the dreads. My 6th annual Dread All-America team recognizes the sickest dreads on Saturdays in Division 1 for the 2013 season, no matter if the players actually contributed very much on the field or not. There will be a lot of familiar heads of dreads, as 37 of the 59 returning players from the 2012 team are repeat selections on this season's team.

You know, growing dreadlocks long enough to extend far outside your helmet takes a very long time. And I truly respect and appreciate those who patiently put in the time, waiting years to let their dreads grow on their own. But we do not discriminate against those who can't wait to look great. So as always, this year's dread all-Americans include many players who added extensions to make their own dreads longer.
Other than personally asking each and every player, there's no way I can accurately determine whose dreads are totally real and whose aren't. But honestly, I don't really care. As far as I'm concerned, dreads are dreads.

I'm splitting up this year's team into two sections: players who played for FBS teams and players on FCS teams. There will be a 1st and 2nd team in both sections and then a lengthy honorable mention list of FBS and FCS players together. I couldn't find photos of all 88 players who made the team; but I saved enough that I'll need to present the team in two parts. Here in part 1, we'll look at the FBS players, including Rannell Hall and K.J. Morton (photo above), who faced off against each other in the Fiesta Bowl. Then part 2 will feature the FCS players, honorable mention list, and the 2013 all-dread sideline team.

The vast majority of the team are players whose dreads you have no trouble seeing when they're on the field with their helmets on. But before I begin, I have to mention there was a shortage of offensive linemen with sick dreads this season. So the 2nd team O-lines will have some dreads a bit shorter than I usually require to make the team. During the 2013 season I wasn't able to watch as many games as in previous seasons. Sadly, there were too many teams I didn't see at all. So no doubt there are some players who deserve to be on the team that aren't only because I don't know about them. Please, if you know of any that I missed, don't get mad. Just let us know about them.

Anyway, without any further delay, here's the team. And as usual, the (1, 2, 3, or HM) in parenthesis following a player's name indicates if he made 1st, 2nd, or 3rd team or honorable mention on the 2012 team.


  • OL Josh Allen (2) - Louisiana-Monroe - SR
  • OL Justin Bell (1) - Mississippi - SOPH
  • OL Quinterrius Eatmon (2) - South Florida - JR
  • OL Cyril Richardson (2) - Baylor - SR
  • OL Devin Smith (2) - Purdue - SR
  • WR James Green (1) - Toledo - SR
  • WR Marquel Thomas (1) - ODU - SR
  • WR Chris Williams (2) - Troy - SR
  • RB James Baker (2) - Idaho - SR
  • RB Cassius McDowell (3) - Toledo - JR
  • QB Devin Powell (3) - Tulane - FR
  • KR Rannell Hall (2) - UCF - JR

Although this shot doesn't show it clearly, Justin Bell (above) has the longest dreads of any O-lineman I've ever seen. He's also the heaviest player on this year's team - 353 pounds. I have to apologize to Quinterrius Eatmon (below), but the only two photos I have of him where you get a good look at his dreads are on plays he gets beat by the player he's blocking.

At 6-foot-7, 341 pounds, Devin Smith (above right) was hard to miss on the field in his two seasons for Purdue. And those dreads made him stand out even more. Josh Allen (above left) was a starter all 4 years at ULM, the last two of which his dreads grew long enough for him to make the team. Hopefully we'll see these dreads next season, but neither Allen nor Smith are considered NFL prospects.

After 3 years on the 2nd team, Cyril Richardson (left) finally moves up to the 1st team. Of all the players on the 1st team offense, Richardson is the one you'll most likely see playing on Sundays.

One of two Toledo Rockets on the 1st team, reserve RB Cassius McDowell (right) averaged 8.1 yards per carry this season but unfortunately carried the ball only 17 times all season, including none in the last 6 games. I couldn't find any photos of the other, reserve WR James Green, probably because there weren't any. Green didn't have any catches at all  in 7 games played in his senior season.

Marquel Thomas (photos above) had his dreads reduced at the beginning of the season but thankfully turned them loose for enough games that I was able to give him his 2nd straight 1st team nod. Thomas had a career high 35 catches for a career high 414 yards in his senior season. In addition to remembering Marquel for those awesome dreads, ODU fans will always remember that he scored the first TD in program history on a 50-yard reception in the 2009 season opener.

Reserve WR Chris Williams, on the run after a catch against Mississippi in Week 12 in left photo and celebrating a TD pass by QB Deon Anthony (#7) in Week 14 on the right, also saved his best for last. In his 2nd season with Troy after a transfer from Mississippi Valley State, Williams had a career high 402 yards receiving on 31 catches, including 2 TD, as a senior.

James Baker had his awesome dreads flowing freely (left photo) during the first half of the season; but after a Fresno State player grabbed his dreads to tackle him in Week 6, he decided that it was probably best if he banded them together (right) so that it wouldn't happen again. In case you missed it (and you probably did, because finding Idaho games on TV was a challenge), Baker had a nice season for the 1-11 Vandals, leading the team with 593 yards rushing and 9 TD.

A standout as both a WR and KR, Rannell Hall (above) was a big part of UCF's best season ever. Hopefully at this time next year we'll be talking about which round he'll be taken in the NFL draft. Devin Powell (below) figured to face stiff competition to make the team but ended up being an easy choice for the 1st team after both Munchie Legaux and Melvin German cut off their dreads. Hopefully Devin is planning on keep these dreads because I can't wait to see what they look like when he's a senior.


  • DL Ken Bishop (1) -Northern Illinois - SR
  • DL Tim Jackson - North Carolina - SR
  • DL Anthony Rice - Idaho - JR
  • DL Octavius Thomas - Southern Mississippi - SR
  • LB Stephan Martin - Ball State - JR
  • LB Ramik Wilson - Georgia - JR
  • LB Gary Wooten - Penn State - FR
  • CB K.J. Morton (1) - Baylor - SR
  • CB Jason Verrett (2) - TCU - SR
  • S Tre Boston (2) - North Carolina - SR
  • S Aaron Taylor - Ball State - FR
  • PR Isaiah Burse (HM) - Fresno State - SR

They say that all good things must come to an end, and I'm afraid that's going to be true with K.J. Morton. This likely will be the last we see of Morton, who made the team all three of his seasons in a Baylor uniform. Despite 17 career PBU, 8 career INT, and a 2nd team selection on my 2013 all-America with dreads team, K.J. is not considered an NFL prospect. Hopefully he'll prove everybody wrong. 

On the other hand, this most definitely will not be the last we see of the dreads on the head of the other 1st team CB, Jason Verrett. Also a 1st team choice on my all-America with dreads team, Verrett is expected to be a 1st round draft pick. And on a recent appearance on the NFL Network's morning show, when asked if he was planning to cut his dreads, Jason said no thanks, I'm keeping them. BTW, in the photo on the right, Verrett is celebrating an incomplete pass against #11 for West Virginia, who might just pop up somewhere else in this post.

Ramik Wilson (left photo) is one of 4 SEC players on the team and one of 3 players to make the 1st team on of both of my all-America teams. I didn't check it, but I'm almost certain that Miami native Gary Wooten (right photo, trying to tackle Kent State CB Darius Polk on a kickoff return in Week 4) is the first Penn State player to ever make the team.

It was difficult finding any photos of Octavius Thomas, but here's one of him chasing Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez in Week 2. Thomas totaled 49 tackles and 2 sacks in his senior season for USM. Most unfortunately I was unable to find a decent picture of Idaho DE Anthony Rice. Hopefully next year.

Ken Bishop reaches for the ball and not James Baker's dreads as he tries to make the tackle in Week 3 (photo above) and sits dejectedly on the bench (photo on right) as the NIU defense gets shredded by Bowling Green in the MAC championship game in Week 15. Like Jason Verrett and Ramik Wilson, Bishop is a 1st team selection on both of my all-America teams. Hopefully a few weeks from now he will hear his named called in the NFL draft. 

DT Tim Jackson has South Carolina RB Mike Davis in his sights (on right) in the season opener and helps tackle ODU RB Cam Boyd (on left) in Week 13. Jackson had 26 tackles in his senior season for UNC and is a long shot to be playing on Sundays next season. He's one of two Tar Heels on the 1st team D. The other is .....
..... S Tre Boston, making one of his 94 tackles on the season (above) after a reception by Virginia WR Miles Gooch in Week 11. Also in that game, after getting clobbered by Boston for a key PBU during 1st quarter, TE Zachary Swanson tries to get his revenge, grabbing onto Tre's dreads (below) to prevent him from going anywhere after an INT during 4th quarter, much to the amazement of the UNC players on the sideline. Boston, an all-ACC safety, has a good chance to be an NFL draft pick a few weeks from now.
Aaron Taylor (photo above), a member of the all-dread sideline team last season, makes his 1st appearance on the real team after totaling 32 tackles and 1 PBU as a redshirt freshman in 2013. Taylor's teammate, LB Stephan Martin, also made the 1st team, but unfortunately couldn't find any photos of him (he had 3 tackles in 10 games); and that's too bad because Martin's dreads are even longer than Taylor's. Isaiah Burse, scoring a 10-yard TD on a reverse for an early 7-0 lead against San Diego State in Week 10 in right photo, did most of his damage as a slot WR offense; but he also was an ace punt returner for the Bulldogs and has the best dreads of any of the main FBS punt return men.

  • OL Darrell Brevard - Clemson - SR
  • OL Andre Cureton - Cincinnati - SR
  • OL Rashad Fortenberry (HM) - Texas Tech - SR
  • OL Marquis Lucas - West Virginia - SOPH
  • OL Tyrus Thompson (3) - Oklahoma - JR
  • WR Kyle Dockins - Virginia - FR
  • WR Jazz King (2) - Marshall - JR
  • WR Kevin White - West Virginia - JR
  • RB Khris Francis - North Carolina - FR
  • RB Parris Lee - Georgia State - SR
  • QB Bennie Coney - Cincinnati - FR
  • KR Chris Dunkley - South Florida - JR

Darrell Brevard (right photo) is honored on senior day at Clemson on Nov. 23. Brevard actually is eligible for the sideline team (he played in only 1 game in his 3 seasons); but since there aren't enough O-lineman with sick dreads, I can't afford to leave him on the bench. Rashad Fortenberry (left photo) started all 13 games at right OT for the Red Raiders in 2013. Even though I have him listed as a senior, he'll be back next season after recently being granted a redshirt for his junior season in which he played only 3 games. Hopefully the extra year will improve his NFL prospects.

Parris Lee (on right) scored 4 TD as a freshman, including the 1st TD in Georgia State history in the 2010 season opener, but scored just one more TD in his next three seasons. I didn't realize until this season how long his dreads have gotten. Hopefully this will be the first of four appearances on the team for Khris Francis (left photo above), who rushed for 236 yards in his freshman season for North Carolina.

Jazz King, on the 2nd team for the 2nd straight year after an HM nod as a freshman, unfortunately had his dreads double banded when he made his only TD catch of the season (left photo) against MTSU in Week 9; but his two-tone dreads were always an impressive sight when unleashed, as they were in Week 14 (right photo) during Marshall's big win over East Carolina.

As promised, here's that #11 with the sick dreads for West Virginia again. It's Kevin White (photo above), scoring a 17-yard TD reception against Iowa State in Week 14. White had 35 catches for 507 yards and led the team with 5 TD catches in his first season for WVU after a transfer from JC. Kyle Dockins, on the all-dread sideline team while redshirting in 2012, makes the first of what might be four appearances on the team. He finished this season with 8 catches for 96 yards ..... and got his dreads pulled at least one time (photo below), by Oregon CB Dior Mathis, while covering a punt in Week 2.

Bennie Coney is not the Cincinnati QB that I wanted to make the team; but as I mentioned earlier, Munchie Legaux (the 1st team QB on the team the last two years) cut off his dreads. Coney had his dreads reduced a little too often for my liking; but other than Devin Powell and him, I don't think there were any other QBs with dreads in the FBS, so he makes the team by default.   

After messing around for three years, including serving suspensions while at Florida and South Florida, Chris Dunkley finally made an impact on the field, showing off his considerable talent .... and his wonderful dreads. He finished with 53 yards rushing and 1 TD on 5 carries, 7 catches for 87 yards, a 22.6 average on 18 kickoff returns, and took one of his 4 punt returns to the house. If he can stay on the field next season and improve on those numbers, he might yet make it to the NFL.

  • DL Chris Davenport (2) - Tulane - SR
  • DL Ferrington Macon - UTSA - JR
  • DL Will Sutton - Arizona State - SR
  • DL DeJazz Woods - Illinois - JR
  • LB Derrell Johnson (3) - East Carolina - SR
  • LB T.J. Stripling (2) - Georgia - SR
  • LB Grandville Taylor - Arizona State - SR
  • CB Dayonne Nunley (3) - Miami (Ohio) - SR
  • CB Charles Sawyer (2) - Mississippi - SR
  • S Demetrius Pettway (HM) - Western Michigan - SR
  • S Fabrice Pratt - Kent State - SR
  • PR J.D. McKissic (3) - Arkansas State - SOPH

DeJazz Woods (photo on right), who has been on my radar ever since he arrived at Illinois in 2010, finally makes his first appearance on the team, as does Ferrington Macon (photo above). Woods, a reserve DE and one of 3 Big 10 players on the team, had 17 tackles in his junior season. Macon, a reserve DT and one of 6 players from CUSA on the team, had 14 tackles as a junior. 

Chris Davenport (photo above), who made the team last year as an O-lineman for LSU, makes it as a D-lineman for Tulane this year. He finished his senior season with 20 tackles, including 4.5 TFL. The player on the 2nd team whose dreads you most likely will be seeing on Sundays is Will Sutton (photo below), the 2-time Pac 12 defensive player of the year, although he won't be drafted as highly this year than he would have had he skipped his senior year at ASU and entered the draft last year.

Other than Sutton, the only other player from the Pac 12 to make the team was his teammate, LB Grandville Taylor, shown (on left) returning his only career INT 67 yards to the 2-yard line in ASU's season-opening rout of Sacramento State. And this gives me a chance to correct last year's BIG MISTAKE. Last year I named ASU O-lineman Devin Goodman to the 1st team and included a photo. Well, that was so incorrect. That actually was a photo of Taylor. Goodman cut off his dreads before the 2012 season even began. (I did not know this, of course, because the ASU website didn't update Goodman's photo - it still shows him with dreads - and because Directv still isn't carrying the Pac 12 Network, so I hardly ever get to see any ASU games. That plus the fact that I forgot that ASU had two #56's on the roster (that's on me). So whenever I did see #56 on the field, I always thought it was Goodman instead of Taylor. Now that I've finally got it straight Taylor's career is over; but at least we're able to honor Grandville's dreads this one time.

This certainly is a fitting photo of T.J. Stripling, because he never did play as much or as well as we (and he) had hoped. Stripling has made the team three straight years now, but unfortunately these great dreads weren't seen on the field nearly enough during his career at UGA. This article from the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer does a good job of explaining why: http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/2013/11/21/2814040/stripling-tries-to-make-most-of.html

With dreads like these, Dayonne Nunley (left photo above) and Charles Sawyer (above right) could just as easily have made the 1st team. Nunley was a 1st team all-MAC selection at CB for the 3rd straight season, but it was as noticeable as a tree falling in the forest during Miami's 0-12 season. He finishes his career with 13 career INT. Sawyer had a disappointing senior season due to injury and an early-season DUI arrest. He finishes his career with 8 INT for Ole Miss. Yes, I'd love to see these dreads on Sundays next season, both but Nunley and Sawyer will have their work cut out for them making anybody's roster.

The competition for spots on the team at the safety position wasn't quite as stiff as it has been in previous seasons, so Demetrius Pettway (left photo above) made it this season after back-to-back honorable mentions. Pettway is one of 8 players from the MAC on the team, the most of any FBS conference. J.D. McKissic (right photo), who has 185 receptions in his first two seasons in an Arkansas State uniform, couldn't quite make the team as a WR but gets a 2nd team nod as a punt returner. Between all of his catches and punt and kickoff returns, J.D. racked up 1,575 all-purpose yards in 2013.
That's all for Part 1. Check out Part 2 for the best dreads in the FCS as well as the dreads that barely missed making the team.


  1. did you find any new players with dreads in the nfl this offseason? I found Damontre Moore has been recently growing dreads

  2. oliver vernon cut his dreads off

  3. jared odrick has been growing dreads recently though

  4. asa jackson also cut his dreads off

  5. Guy from Utah University has dreads he's a QB

    1. Thanks for the info.

      Brandon Cox scored a TD in Utah's season-opening win over Idaho State, so he already was on my radar. He hasn't played much since that game; but he's a freshman, so hopefully he'll get some playing time next year.