Thursday, January 3, 2013


I usually change the channel whenever a commercial comes on. But no matter how hard I try, it's impossible to avoid them all. Actually though, I do like the AT&T commercial that ends with Oklahoma Coach Stoops saying "Hello" to a high school player he presumably is meeting for the first time - a player that came to his attention only after someone used a phone to capture video of that player making a spectacular play and then letting the magic of the AT&T network (and nobody else's) spread the viewing of that video like wildfire - so quickly that it allows Stoops to come and meet the player in person by the time his game is over.

Well, I was thinking of that commercial - and of videos spreading rapidly (going viral is what it is called, I believe) - after a special play during the bowl bonanza on New Year's Day. If you were watching the games, you already know which play I'm talking about (and if you haven't seen it yet, you either were in a cave all day or that was one whale of a hangover) ....... It was the 4th quarter in the Outback Bowl, and South Carolina, trailing Michigan by 1, had just stopped Michigan a couple of inches short on a fake punt on 4th down - only to have the referee signal 1st down Michigan (huh?). Since the measurement was right in front of the South Carolina sideline, the ref's call left Coach Spurrier and several players furious (I don't know, maybe it was the ref who had that hangover). Not to worry though, because Jadeveon Clowney said "I got this." 
It should never be in your game plan to leave Clowney (celebrating with fans after the game in photo above), the All-America sophomore DE, unblocked on any play.
But the Michigan O-line had a miscommunication, and on the very next play after the blown call, there was Clowney - unblocked - arriving in the Michigan backfield just as RB Vincent Smith was reaching to take the handoff. Clowney , listed at 6-6, 256, absolutely leveled the 175-pound Smith 8 yards behind the line of scrimmage; but Smith's helmet was thrown for about a 15-yard loss by the time it was done rolling around after flying off his head the instant Clowney made impact.

Making sure he was up off the ground, Clowney then picked up the ball - with one hand - and began to head to the end zone. But unfortunately one of his teammates, also trying to recover the fumble, knocked Jadeveon off balance, and he fell back down after only a 2-yard return. I don't have a photo of the play yet; but if you haven't seen it or just want to see it again (and again), please click on the link below for the story and the video courtesy of 

When I saw Smith's helmet pop off, it was like "Hello!"
I kind of felt sorry for Vincent, playing his final game in a Michigan uniform, because now he'll be remembered more for this than for anything else he's done in his four seasons with the Wolverines. But it should be said that he had it coming. Because on a play earlier in the game it was Smith, while trying to block Clowney, who (accidentally?) put his helmet right in Clowney's crotch, knocking Jadeveon down and out of commission for a few minutes. I laughed when the ESPN announcers said that Clowney got hit in his midsection. No, it was more like a few inches lower than the midsection. 
Anyway, I wasn't planning on doing anything on College Football for a few more weeks. But this play, since it was so spectacular, and since it featured two players with dreads, couldn't wait until later. I hope to have a photo by the time I do my next dread news report.

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